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My private coaching offers individual training plans & programs based on your goals and needs.

There are no one-fits-all solutions. Everything starts with you.

Important lifestyle factors such as sleep quality, nutrition, workload/stress and training expertise will be taken into account to offer you the best possible setup for sustainable longterm results.

Wether your goal is fat loss, muscle building or improvement of your fitness, together we will get the most out of you. I will push you to your limits safely and help you better your health & well-being.


Manu's Bootcamp is one of the hottest Group Class experiences in Zurich! The majority of the workouts are performed Outdoors all around town, using mostly Bodyweight exercises.

The group setup is a lot of fun and helps you to stay motivated throughout an intense 60min session. You will push each other forward while I coach each individual to keep up a high quality level in movement and exercising.

The workout itself is a mix of conditioning (Heart) and core-training, using high intense intervals to improve aerobic strength & power. Boost your endurance capacity while strengthening your stabilizing muscles in the body center to improve your performance and prevent injuries.

These HIIT classes are designed to challenge everyone from beginner to elite athlete allowing individual tempo-adaptation within it's timed intervals. So don't hesitate and try it out.

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